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“Great Laundry Service” Terry M. Marietta Ga

This is a great laundry service. They pick up quickly and return all clothes, clean and fresh smelling within 24 hours. Everything is nicely packaged in plastic and hung on hangers. A really great solution for people who don’t have time to do their own laundry, or get behind (a family of 4 can get a lot of clothes dirty real quick). The owner is super nice and very flexible. I highly recommend them! Terry M. Marietta Ga.


  1. Norbert says:

    Getting Mold Stains out of clothes. We have been asked to remove various stains; however, no stain is as difficult at black mold stains on Blankets, sheets and clothing. Most of the time these are caused when items are left moist over time. This is commonly seen in homes that have been flooded due to pipe failure or fire damage. The only thing that has worked 75% of the time is a mixture of Lemon Juice (real lemons) and Salt preferably course Sea Salt. You place the mixture over the moldy area and then let dry in the sun. Once dry retouch as needed. Finally, wash items as normal with bleach if white and Clorox 2 if color. Hope this helps!

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  3. alaundrynyc says: