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How baseball and Team mom’s can take a break from laundry!

If you love to baseball and you live in Georgia,  East Cobb Baseball and Aviation Baseball is where you want to be. They host several major tournaments throughout the  year and affiliated teams like the ECB Astros and 643 travel all over the US to compete in tournaments. Unfortunately, ultimately someone has the responsibility to clean those uniforms after each game. Soapy Suds Laundry Service is the affordable alternative to spending 2 or 3 hours at a laundromat waiting for clothes to come clean. Our cleaning methods for uniforms are second to none. Your uniforms never got so bright! We guaranty it!

In addition, Soapy Sud is a smart alternative because we use Hypo-Allergenic products that are both safe for the players and safe for the environment. The best part is that we will pick up and drop off your uniforms at the field, hotel or home at no extra charge! Your uniforms are weighed after they are cleaned and dried – we won’t charge you for wet or dirty clothes like your walk- in laundromats. We charge $1.69 /LB and run special deals throughout the year for baseball players and teams. We even offer team pre-pay discounts that could add up to some real savings that you can budget right into the season’s budget – this way no one has to do laundry.

So Coaches, Team Moms, Parents – enjoy the game and leave the laundry to us!